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Hi, I used to use iframes to show an individual product on a specific page on my site e.g. so i can have content unique to the product on this URL (rather than having multiple products under one URL).
I’m having a problem trying to get an individual product onto a page (wordpress and spreadplugin). I’ve tried using shortcodes such as [spreadplugin productID=“24924355”] but this only displays what looks like a category listing so a very small image etc and no description, not the full product page.

I’m wanting to display is as this site has done with this page:
So it’s the full spreadshirt product page embedded in a URL on a Wordpress site.

Any help would be much appreciated!


that’s the detail page of a product. So if spreadplugin is enabled, each product in shop is displayed (catalog). If you click on that product you get the individual product page as you have seen on prettylittlebuyers :slight_smile:
You can link to that page wherever you want. So you may also hide the menu item for all products (catalog) and manually link to the detail page, but it seems to be very …

Did you fill title and description of your product in Spreadshirt backend (User area) for your shop products? These informations would be displayed on the detail page and makes it more individual. Maybe that’s it?

Thimo (WP-Spreadplugin Plugin Developer)

Hi Thimo, thanks for getting back. Not ideal as I thought I’d be bale to use my existing URLs but should be fine to set redirects up to the pages the plugin creates. One thing though, my products in the Spreadshirt backend have descriptions but these don’t seem to show on the products. I’ve had a look through the settings and can’t see anywhere to turn this on or off.

I think If I could get the descriptions on I’d be happy as I need them really for the pages to have any useful chance of ranking.

Please have a look at Spreadshirt Backend and switch to shop and on the left menu click on products. Your products should be shown - if title and or description is empty, please fill them and save the changes. When ready please go to spreadplugin settings and click on „rebuild cache“. All the products will be updated and listed including titles and descriptions you entered before.

I tried to make a screenshot with my mobile, from my Spreadshirt Backend showing shop products and where you might find yours (yellow highlights). I hope it helps a little.

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