Wordpress Embed or Direct link 404 Error/Blank

I’m using the Spreadshop plugin in Wordpress, and this may be my fault. I was setting up my site in a different folder on my server than my final destination, and then just now I moved it to the root folder of the domain, so that the Wordpress site would be the homepage of the site. I did that part correctly (the Wordpress site loads fine), but the Spreadshop won’t show up. I had it configured to create its own page, but I also then tried creating a new Page on Wordpress and using the embed code, and that just gives me a blank page and doesn’t load anything, and I get an error that says “Publishing failed. The response is not a valid JSON response.”

I tried deleting and reinstalling the plugin, but I don’t know if it still had settings stored somewhere that need to be removed or updated maybe?

My site is http://www.stillinbeta.me and the shop should be at http://www.stillinbeta.me/store

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I solved it myself. It was a bad .htaccess file. Leaving this here in case anyone else runs into the problem.