Women's t-shirt template/shop image inaccurately stretched

@Britta_Spreadshop - Hi Britta, I check my shop daily to make sure everything is good… Yesterday I noticed that the women’s t shirts template & shop display image are inaccurately stretched [see attachment]. Having ordered multiple samples, the new image [B] looks nothing like the actual shirt.

[A] is how it’s been for months, and accurately resembles the actual shirt.

*Note, I had to add models to the women’s t shirts to get them to look right, but I don’t prefer using models.

Is this a coding error on spreadshirt’s end? If this is permanent, I’ll have to remove the women’s t shirts, they no longer look right. Thanks in advance.

Hi @sconiArt,
thanks for letting me know! We adjusted some of the product imagery recently. Unfortunately this also caused some trouble with design placement and also possibly with the product images itself. :face_with_peeking_eye:
Please be a little patient until we fixed it :slight_smile:

Thank you Britta! I was hoping that was it. Yea, the men’s t shirt is slightly stretched as well, but not as bad. Many thanks, looking forward to a correction…