Why should I continue using spread shop?

In the last 3 days. I’ve uploaded 50 designs.
36 were published.
6 in review.
4 rejected.

That’s 20% of my designs were either rejected or in review.
It get discouraging to put in all the work, and it to just get rejected.
Even they rejected their own designs for pride month that they said we can use.

Hi @designedbyjohn,
I checked your account and as far as I can see there is no design in review anymore. If you have a question regarding the rejections, I’d recommend to ask customer service. They know better when it comes to copyright and other rejection reasons.
For the future: it can take a few days for the review process to go through. And the free designs were only for your shop. Did you maybe try to sell them on MP? I also didn’t find those in your designs…

I hope I could be of any help?

Yes, but they were rejected from the market place.

Yes, because they are for Shops only. :slight_smile:

25 designs were rejected today.
That I had up for months.

Hi @designedbyjohn,
I looked into your account again and suppose that some of the rejections are due to copyright issues. Since I’m not an expert on this topic, I’d recommend you to contact the people who are: verify@spreadshirt.com

I emailed them last Thursday.
Then again yesterday.
I haven’t heard back.