Where's the print options

Today I noticed that you have made some updates.
And some options have been disabled from design tool.

It’s not possible to change print types.
Is it a bug or is it simply not possible anymore?

Well, it seems to be the mobile site that isn’t working properly yet

Could you explain the issue a bit more? Are you talking about desktop or mobile here…?

Conrete examples are much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello. Thanks for responding.
Desktop version works. However it’s not very First-time-user-friendly. You have to use a little time to click around before all the options appear. (changing print type, additional print on the back etc)

Mobile page doesn’t have these features though.
You can change t-shirt color and print color only.
You can’t change print type and you can’t drag the print from front to back.
And now it’s possible to add my print to everything, even items that I have disabled.

See pictures

For the print type: it’s automatically determined based on the design used. We prefer digital direct overall, but it’s also for other reasons: our research has shown that users (=end customers) prefer simplicity of use over added control. If not educted on the matter of printing methods, ordering can become quite a hassle and at worst - halt your conversion rate.

The other screenshots I don’t really get? You can add a design on the back just by changing the view of the product.

Yes - if you enable the t-shirt designer, the end customer can choose any product they want.

Could you elaborate a little on this - what do you mean with “little time clicking”? Our user tests have shown very good response to the tool so I’d like to know what you specifically consider time-consuming/unclear in the tool.

Last but not least :slight_smile: What did you want to point out with the screenshot of the apron? A little context is always nice :wink: