Vector and png

I’m having a lot of trouble combining vector and png files. For example the zipper hoodie (jacket) front print can only be vector format. If i only put one design (vector) it works fine, i can move it to all different print areas. But when i want one vector (for front) and one PNG (for back) the jacket is greyd out and i can not choose it. And sometimes i can choose women’s jacket but not men’s. I think you have a issue here…

With same vector file

Any support? :slightly_smiling_face:

Where can we get answers?

Hey @Tomppa78,
sorry I missed your post! I’m not 100% sure why you cannot combine different file formats but I suppose it’s because of the printing technique. You see a png (in some cases) requires a different printing technique than a vector. Hence the hoodie would have to be printed on 2,3,… different machines and that would make the whole printing process way too complicated. Would it be an option for you to work with vectors in this case?
Could you explain to me what you meant by “And sometimes i can choose women’s jacket but not men’s.” ? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes I’m sure this is the case, that it uses different printing techniques. The problem is that many designs are too complex to use vector format.
Still there seems to be some kind of issue here because i have managed to get some to work but only on the women’s jacket but not on the men’s. The men’s jacket is greyed out so it can not be chosen. Also it depends which vector file i choose, the file on the pictures above didn’t work.
Will there be any possibilities to print PNG on all different print areas? This would be great!

This worked with two(2) of the same vector and one(1) png on the women’s jacket but it was not an option for the men’s jacket

Any idea why it can be printed on women’s but not on men’s?