Unjustified Termination

On November 4th, 2022, I received an email from Spreadshirt (partner@spreadshirt.com) stating: " We have sent several emails stating our decision on the matter regarding your uploaded content, and had warned that attempting to overturn this decision will risk account termination.”

However, I never received ANY emails "stating (their) decision on the matter regarding your uploaded content”, and I never sent them ANY emails "attempting to overturn this decision” (again, a decision that was never provided to me in any way).

The emails I sent to Spreadshirt included:

questions - which were never answered;

confirmation - that my content is my intellectual property - which was never acknowledged;

evidence - in the form of official documentation from the United States Copyright Office - which was never addressed or mentioned;

and concluded with a respectful, courteous plea that I be forwarded to someone with the ability and authority to answer my questions and address the situation.

None of my emails included any “attempt to overturn” any decision, yet Spreadshirt is using this “warning” - that actions I never engaged in will risk account termination - to justify the inappropriate and unwarranted termination my account, and stated that “the matter is considered to be resolved”… despite never answering any of the questions I’ve asked for weeks and never even addressing the situation in any way.

Hi @connorapurcell,
sorry to hear that! I’ll check with my colleagues about this matter and will get back to you asap!

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