Underbasing on coloured garments

Recently bought a test piece from yourselves, a red/ white contrast hoodie with the image of a white dog printed on it. The hoodie arrived today, fantastic turn around may I add 4 days from order to delivery, and that was including the weekend.

Unfortunately, there was just one issue, the dog appears pink and the shadows in the image are unperceivable. To me, it doesn’t look as though the image has been under-based, which is a real shame as it would have really made the image pop. Do you use an under-base step at all in your printing process?

Yes we do - there may have happened a mistake in production or it could have been some other issue. I’d recommend for you to get in touch with our friendly service team, they can resolve the situation, get you a replacement and figure out what caused this: service@spreadshirt.net.