Twitch Alert

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Twitch Streamer looking to use Spreadshop. Many of spreadshops competitors offer a browser source alert that fires whenever the streamer is live and someone purchases some merch through the site.

I now there was a service a few years ago, but that seems to have been discontinued. Support email sent me here to ask, so I’m presuming that means it doesn’t exist anymore, in which case I won’t use Spreadshirt and will go to TeeSpring instead

It does not exist but we will add this a feature request :slight_smile:

I’m also interested in this! This would be a huge addition for streamers.

I’d like to add a +1 to this…

Twitch integration is on our Discovery List.
A must have nowadays, but complex.
Thanks for your vote

I’m also interested. Is there an existing API or web hook so that I can build a temp alert?

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Please make this a thing. I’m currently looking at building a daisy chained mess of webhooks and email scrapes and this would all be 1000 times easier if Spreadshop just had an API or a browser source or a webhook I can tap into.

I just need to know when a sale happens so it can then pop up as an alert during a live stream.

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Hey guys, sorry no update here. :confused:

+1 count me in … there was an twitch alert function from pixelcotton back in 2016 or 17, if I remember correctly.

+1 … we wait. Pleaaaase!

any Updates ? :slight_smile:

No new information on this yet, unfortunately, but I’m happy to pass it on to the team again as a reminder.

Is there an available API I could utilize to write my own integration?