to sell 123

How do you get started so people see a store, it’s open you can go in via link, like on Facebook ,But you can’t share to instagram, because they can’t add visible ,link, so you bar press link and you get into my store. Why are they so hopeless there. But I don’t know inside the spread app, it says I didn’t sell, then I had sold a couple of things. feels like there’s something wrong-

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Hello @carinam

I am sorry you are having problems with the integration on instagram. To have a better look at the issue, please write us exactly what you are trying to do and which step is not working to together with your Spread-ID.

If there is a different display on your Spreadshop app and your partner account in the browser, could you provide us with some screenshots to the same e-mail address as above? That way we can clarify what the issue with the sales are and if there really is a problem with the display on the app.

Many thanks!