:spreadshop: The "Shop Topics"-Thread

Head over here - let’s talk about the new shop topics!

Is this only for creators with the new user area?

Yes! It’s a beautiful new improvement to our partner area :slight_smile:

Partners operating in the legacy user area have shop categories.

Ah ok! When are the legacy accounts being transferred?

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That’s unfortunately still unclear. We are currently in Q3 and making assessments for 3-5 different scenarios, assessing their possible impact and hopefully in Q4 can we begin to come to a conclusion. I cannot make any promises though.

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Now we are in Q4… Do you think the legacy transfer will be done before Christmas? I really want to show my shop categories more visually in my start page.

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Definitely will not happen in Q4. During this quarter we will hopefully come to the conclusion of which scenario we will follow.

About the actual implementation & migration, I’m afraid I can’t really say anything at this point. Depending on the most feasible / viable scenario, the timeframe can vary a lot.