Test our latest marketing tool

Hello @ all,
Marketing is an important building block in the daily work of many Spreadshirt shop owners.
In order to support you even better, we would like to test working with Product Feeds, which instantly makes marketing via providers like Facebook even more versatile and straightforward.

You are helping us to decide whether it would be worth offering this feature to all Shop operators in the future and how much assistance would be needed.

About the test

Over the course of a month, you will use the feed when working with Facebook. Your participation is not mandatory. You can decide at any time whether you want to continue to share your experiences with us. We will not give you any instructions for marketing activities or any other actions.
What we want to find out:

• Are there any bugs we don’t yet know about?
• Do you need more pointers from us, or is the process self-explanatory?
• Which features do you use regularly?
• Does the feed contain enough data fields? What additional fields do you need?
• What are the advantages for you?

What you can expect:

We’ll show you how to create a Product Feed and send it to Facebook in no time at all. You will help us by observing whether this has a positive impact on your sales and sending us your feedback. The same applies to any questions you may have.

We can already give you a few practical tips:

• Tag shop items in post images
• Add a Product Carousel to promotional post images
• Create Daynamic Ads
• Show new product suggestions to your Custom Audience (retargeting)

What you need

• Some experience with Facebook Ads Manager or Business Manager
• An installed Facebook Pixel
• A Product Feed file from our tool
• Images, e.g. from here: https://placeit.net/c/apparel?pl_coupon=spreadshirt15

In the following you’ll finde short instructions on generating a Product Feed file.
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to comment.
How using a Product Feed works

• You use our feed generator to create a table containing all your product information
• You upload this table to Facebook
• This lets you easily link your products to photos as well as post ads that can be linked more ef-fectively to your Shop.

Downloading your Product Feed

• Have your Shop ID ready (can be found on your dashboard).
• Go to the beta version of our Product Feed tool: https://shop.dynanum.com/beta/dataExport/
• Enter your Shop ID and choose between EU and NA Account.
• Click on Start.
• Check whether your products are displayed and then click on Export Facebook Feed.
• The CSV file with your feed will be downloaded to your standard download folder.

Tip: You can remove unwanted files at any time by unchecking ‘Include in Export’.

Setting up Business Manager and creating a catalogue

• If you haven’t yet done so, first set up Facebook Business Manager.
• Create a new catalogue and follow the steps shown.
• During this process you will be asked to upload a feed. Use the CSV file you downloaded for this purpose.
• Your feed is now ready and Facebook knows all of your Shop products.

Tip: Use the ‘Update Only’ option to inform Facebook of changes to your range. Don’t delete an existing catalogue or feed!
Just upload an updated CSV file and select the appropriate option in the upload window.

We look forward to your feedback.

I´m pushing this topic again…

  1. Have you been testing our FB product feed? → https://shop.dynanum.com/beta/dataExport/
  2. Did you understand what it is for?
  3. Do you need more information or advice?

We are curious on any of your questions

No questions here. I have seen it, read it and it costs money. I create my own ads on Facebook.

Hey @Patjila,
I am not sure what your comment is about?

The Product Feed Generator is simple, free CSV Export tool offered by us.
Yes and of course FB ads are not for free. But the options for using the product feed are not limited to working with ads.

You can also mark your products to get them displayed & linked within a carousel below a post.
as seen in this example:

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I just tried it. And it looks great. I think I know what I can do with it and if I understand correctly it will be awesome!
But, I just want to know why the product changes colors. In my product-catalog I have different types of URL, and one liks the product back to my shop. Nice, but the product changes colors. For instance, I click on a red men’s-t-shirt in the catalog on the Facebook-side and !'m directed to my store, but there the same t-shirt shows up in heather blue???
Also I get google_product_category undefined ? Is it something I have missed to set up in my store?

Also it’s something with my Facebook pixel. I have just typed in the pixel-id in the shop-setup. Should I do something more??? Awfully grateful for your help or feedback on this.

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Hi @GospelTalk,

The colours are a known bug and will be fixed within the next two months. We’ll announce the tool on the blog there as well once it’s not a beta version anymore.

For the Facebook Pixel you have to wait up to 24 hours (after you have saved it to your Shop Admin) until you can see results on your Facebook page.

Have fun with the tool,

Thanks for your answer. About the pixel it’s kind of strange, 'cause I’ve had it for about a month. But I just connected the catalog with the pixel, so I let it have some more time.

What aout the google_product_category undefined - problem…is that something I should have set up in my shop
or is that a bug from the feed?

Thanx again!

Hi @GospelTalk,

We need some further information: Can you please let me know your shopID so we can test it?


Hi Lena.
Thanks for your help.
My shop id is 100232680


Hi Linn,

We seem to have problems finding your shop. Are you on our European platform or on the Amercian platform? What is the TLD of your shop URL?


Also can you pleae attach a Screenshot of the problem you are encountering? Thanks Linn and sorry for the inconvenience :slight_smile:

Hi Lena. Sorry for the delayed answer.
The shopped I gave you was for my American store and it was also from this I got my feed.
Don’t know what you mean by TLD (I’m not to much of a guru on these things, sorry!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), but my URL is

Here is a screenshot of what Facebook says is a problem and it affects about 160 0f my products:

Tanks again

Hi Linn,

TLD means “Top-Level-Domain” - in this case if your shop is .com or .co.uk or whatnot :slight_smile:

Is your Facebook Pixel now working though?

I’ll forward the infos to the responsible people and let you know!

A little update already: could you pull a new feed & reupload it - and try again?

We also got some error messages yesterday, but are unable to reproduce them today. Would be good to get a current update from your side today! :slight_smile:

Hi Lena. Sorry for the delayed answer. Thanks for teaching me. :+1:
I use www.gospeltalk.store when advertising.
The pixel gives me this message: Missing “AddToCart, Purchase” events in Pikselen til GospelTalk, but that might be because no-one has bought any yet…

It does show that people are looking around in my store though… so I guess its working…?

Hi again!
Tried pulling out a new feed. One question: - the instructions says that " the CSV file with your feed will be downloaded to your standard download folder." That doesn’t happen in my case…I’m on a Mac, and the file or rather the data ends up in a new folder on Safari. From there I had to make an .csv file of my own. That might
be a problem…
When I did that again I got the same result : 160 products with google-error…

hey Linn!

I’ll jump in, as Lena is off for the weekend for now :slight_smile:

Your pixel is working correctly on http://www.gospeltalk.store.
You can check for yourself by downloading the FB Pixel helper AddOn for Google Chrome

Do not trust the Facebook Business Manager’s Diagnostics after uploading the product feed file!

Regarding your 2nd question…

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it seems we have a bug with Safari and the export function.
I´ll forward this.
In the meantime please try with Chrome or Firefox, to avoid errors within the creation of the CSV file.

I´ve tested your Shop & the feed and got several issues listed here, so we will need to have a look where these might come from.
I´ll keep you posted!


:+1: Keep up the good work!

Thanks for checking the pixel, by the way!

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@GospelTalk I have some feedback regarding your bug and send you a private message.

Meanwhile I will close this thread as the discussion and the topic intent have slightly changed.
If someone experiences any problems, feel free to open a new thread here at the forum or report it
directly to us : https://help.spreadshirt.com/hc/en-us/categories/200829585-Partner-Help

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