Templates are a mess

I posted on the old forums then realized these existed, so here goes.

Templates are a mess.

They combine position, product types, and colors, when ideally I’d like all of those available as separate grouped settings. I.E, I want a “dark colors” setting independent of which products I’ve selected, and I don’t want choosing that or a group of products to affect where I’ve placed my design on existing products. I’m editing ~300 designs right now to take advantage of new products since they were uploaded and it’s become a massive headache, mostly because of the template system’s lack of control.

What I’d like is to scrap the existing system and give us three new types of templates:
1: Position Templates
2: Product Templates
3: Color Templates

Maybe those need different names, I’m open, but the idea is solid. Picking those three things independently would solve most of my problems instantly.