Spreadshop horizontal menu

The horizontal menu:
All Designs Organic Products … Topics Customize

I have an HTML/CSS professional who has the capacity to convert “All Designs” to “About Us”.
Then convert “Topics” to a dropdown:
All Designs (click and will get the total listing as it is presently)
List Topics (click and a dropdown lists all the topics – any topic may be clicked)

Is the above possible? I think that the professional must get the horizontal menu coding and then alter it.

How should I proceed?

A Home page with an About Us would be helpful.
I have seen some partner sites that have About Us far away in the top, right corner.
About Us should be easy to find.


Hi, actually there is already an About Us Page.
You can edit it under “Page Settings > About us”.
You can edit additional HTML, e.g. an additional menu, under “Advanced > HMTL&CSS > **Edit Shop Header HTML”. Greetz