Spreadshop developer “Ask Me Anything”-Session

Hey y’all & welcome to our first AMA-session! Today from 12:00-18:00 CET you have the exclusive, undivided attention of two of our Spreadshop-developers, Yves & Sebastian. You can ask them anything regarding the technical aspects of your shop!

Let’s first go through the ground rules:

  • Stay on topic. (check the topic-list below) Off-topic posts will be mainly deleted or ignored. Sorry!
  • Include your shop-link with your message. Otherwise we can’t help you out. Thanks!

Then a couple of words about our guests:

@sprd-yves is a fun-loving blonde and he’s been with Spreadshirt for almost 5 years. He’s dedicated to improving our product and really interested in the needs of our Shop Owners. He’s also really into jungle & drum’n’bass!

@sprd-sebastian is one of our code magicians and he’s been at Spreadshirt for a whopping 7 years. He always has an ear for the wishes of our Shop Owners. Sebastian likes Arcade Fire and eating tacos – ideally at the same time.

As a fresher, the following are topics that will be covered:

  • Different view modes (design-based, designer-only, etc.)
  • Styling, colors, and CSS
  • Embedded Shop how-to’s, advantages, and pitfalls
  • International Shops and NA/EU Shop linking
  • Tracking (Google analytics, Facebook, etc.)
  • Custom HTML (header, footer)

Now let’s get rolling – ready, set, go! :blush:

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