Spreadshirt Social links not working

Hi all, I am trying to add my Soundcloud & Spotify social links but none seem to work. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Okay, working it out slowly, takes a while for updates to go through to the actual website. Still stuck on spotify, not liking show link.

I think the issue with Spotify is that the link only loads an artist where as I am a Podcast.

Hey @Boydy73,
sorry for the late reply! I’m happy the problem solved itself. :slight_smile: I have asked about the Spotify-Issue though. Let me get back to you about that.

I am having the same issue. We are a podcast, how do I link to Spotify:

Hey @five-idiots-talking-toys,
you already linked your TikTok, Instagram and Facebook-Channel, right? The same way (Shop Settings > Advanced > Social Media Icons) you can link to Spotify.
@Boydy73 I checked you shop too. You linked 2 Spotify Pages on your site. One is not working (I’d recommend to delete that) and one that leads to your profile. Is this working for you or did you expect something else? :nerd_face:

It will not accept the link that Spotify gives us to use. Perhaps because we are a podcast “show” and not an artist. Please copy the URL from my link above and test it on your end in a Spotify social link field. Thanks!

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I see what you mean, didn’t work for me either. I also changed “show” to artist (thought I could trick Spotify), tried only the cryptic number at the end and a bunch of other hacks but all that didn’t work either. :thinking:
@Boydy73 what was your trick? It works for you, right? As I said previously, I am also checking back with my colleague to find out what’s going on. :face_with_monocle:

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Yes, I tried some of the hacks, but no luck. We need a solution for a podcast “show” link. Please keep us updated!

@Britta_Spreadshop any update on this?

Hi @five-idiots-talking-toys

We released an update for Spotify a little while ago, and now ‘show’ links are working, so you guys should be able to sucesfully link to your pod cast now.

Give me a shout if you have any problems with it

I have tried repeatedly to link my website to my shop (Note: I am not trying to embed the shop on my site, just trying to put a social link alongside my tiktok) and it keeps disappearing even after I save it. The site was built with Wordpress, but the domain is mine. Is there something I’m missing? My tiktok link has no issue at all. (Additional note: I am doing this for my Spreadshop, but have not launched the shop just yet.)