Spreadshirt backend interface

Hi - I have one shop and have added one more - but
How can I see which shop I am adding my products to?

Old User Area:

Look at the tabs above. Your new created products will be put in the shop, which is active on the tabs.

Greets David

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A partner ID or a shop ID would be useful here so I can help you out :slight_smile:

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My shop does not appear on top

The shop is not supposed to be very public - only for some friends :wink:

:open_mouth: definitely a bug. I’ll investigate… :female_detective:

But I need a partner ID or a shop ID!

Thank you
There seems to have been a time lag - it is OK now


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Perfect (well kind of :smiley: )! Anyway, glad to hear it’s working :slight_smile:

Btw, maybe you could introduce yourself to the rest of the crowd?