Spreadshirt API: New Designs not showing up in Design Page

Greetings! I’m fairly new here. I’m trying to upload using the API. All goes well except that it doesn’t show up in the design page. But the API route “Retrieve User Designs List” does indicate that it’s there complete with all the details. I’m not using the shops part of API to upload, just the user designs. Thank you.

Well, you are using the new partner area, right?


The reason:
The legacy user area still does support uploading via api. For the new partner area, there is currently no official api documentation nor it’s officially released. It will have different endpoints to upload/prepare designs (so called ideas, if I remember correctly).

I hope to have new informations on this in Q1/2019.


Thanks for the prompt response!

I just registered the other day. I believe so I’m using the new partner area. It’s under Spreadshirt right? So where can I see all of them for now if I wanted to? Will it be just thru the API? because the API does tell me that I’ve successfully created a design, then uploaded its image. I can even access that image thru the design resource :slight_smile:


Can I use the legacy area? If yes, is there a link to it? cheers!

Well yes, uploading is still possible and doesn’t return an error, but you’ll have to call a different endpoint additionally, but I didn’t come that far in reverse engineering :wink: and thus I stopped it. Even when it’s still in beta, it doesn’t make sense to debug/reverse engineer it as it changes day by day :confused:

It’s not registrable anymore, but you could ask someone else who can give his/hers?

I see. That’s unfortunate for now. but will the uploaded designs still be subjected to approval and perhaps appear in the marketplace? Thanks!

In short: No.

Alrighty. Thanks! have great day!

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