Spread plugin startpage

Normally when I open my shop that uses the Spread Plugin, it opens a page with the most recently created products and a menu with themes and catgories on the left. Suddenly when I open my shop, it opens with an empty search result instead, and the menu is empty. It looks like this:
If I click the “Shoppa nu” button or the Home icon in the top menu, the usual start page (recently created) opens.

I haven’t changed anything in my shop at all, so why does this happen?

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Direct shop link, please? :slight_smile:

I’ll check with the devs then.

(You could put your shop link in your forum profile so I don’t have to ask every time :wink: )


Your JS shop URL is set to http://www.gammelyxan.se although it should be set to butik

Spreadshop will thus search for articles named “butik”, which results in an empty page

Please change it accordingly and it will work.

It worked perfectly up until a few days ago, and I haven’t changed anything at all. :confused:

Anyways, I changed it and now it works again. :slightly_smiling_face:


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