Sorting Designs does not work

Hi Guys,

I can’t seem to get the designs sorted. When I choose the sorting I like and try to confirm this new sorting it does not work. See picture. It looks like I cannot validate the sorting. The confirm button does not work.

Thanks for your help.
Inge Kaman
Studio Pico

Shop ID: 100076210

Hiya, this might be a bug - but it could also be something else. I’ll get back to you asap.

I still can’t sort my designs. Do you have a solution yet?

Inge Kaman
Studio Pico

I’m trying to get some answers! This issue is quite well known already, but it seems to be a little hard to fix. I’m sorry to leave you hanging for so long without any updates :frowning:

I just tried sorting your shop and now it seems to work… could you tell me if this is indeed still an issue for you?

There can be some delay due to caching - so it might take up to an hour before the sorting is applied.