Some New Products for Your Shop – Perfect for the Holidays

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Hats All Around

During this time of year, everyone is welcome to the celebrations. So don’t question why our (extremely) cuddly bears and tigers have Santa hats on; they’re just getting in the mood.

But hats aren’t the only swag these animals have. Their T-shirts can also be covered in your designs, or with messages from your customers. This makes them an ideal product for your shop.

Heads Up!

We wouldn’t dare suggest you upgrade your shop without adding some winter accessories. Our bobble-hat is a classic. Scientists say that your snowball-throwing accuracy improves at least 20% when wearing one. We’re going to trust the scientists on this one.

But the first thing you need to throw is this hat – right into your festive shop. Start showing it off, do a bit of advertising. Maybe a fun photoshoot. And before you know it, the season will be gone in a flash.

A Bottle of Red, or Whatever You Want

One of the ultimate last minute panic buys is the classic, ‘let’s get them a bottle of__. Always a reliable option, but now we’ve got the ultimate accompaniment: cotton bottle gift bags. They’re perfect for those homemade oils, soaps, or someone’s favorite Italian red.

Whether covered in your wintery designs, or personal messages, these are a gamechanger in comparison to classic gift bags. The cotton is sustainable and Fairtrade-certified, which means you can use it again and again. Whoever you gift it to can simply re-gift next year. Let’s be honest, people always need bottles.

Ditch the Ribbons and Bows

Beyond all things liquid, we’ve got other alternatives to wrapping paper. Our cotton sacks are great for throwing an assortment of smaller treats into, and are a refreshing way of presenting your gifts.

Ideal for those looking to avoid the waste with tape and ribbons this year. With a drawstring at the top, the reusability is sure to be a hit factor in your winter shop.

These newcomers are enough reason to get your shop in shape for the Holidays. Even after the festivities are over, you can let us know in the comments what sold best. We’re excited to see what you do with these products in your shop!