Site updates have no effect

I have tried a few things such as using designs throughout - these screwed up on quite a lot of products. So, I disable this - refresh my site - all of the products (not wanted) are still there.

It appears that there are quite a few issues with Spreadshirt. Slow product placements, unresponsive to setting when they are changed, etc.

I used Spreadshirt a few years back - pretty good. Has it got too big to look after it’s loyal shop owners?

Hi there,
You’re not giving that much to work with here - what kind of a time frame are you talking about when experiencing problems, what are the exact problems you are encountering, are you using the old or the new UI etc… buuut, what I can say is that for the last couple of days we have experienced some technical difficulties due to maintenance work, so that has indeed delayed many shop updates, if not prevented updating altogether.

If you give me more info, as well as your user ID, I’d be more than happy to give your account and the issues a look and reply to further questions you might have.

Since few days, I’ve a similar problem with my SpreadShop. The refresh of products or designs doesn’t works correctly. But before yes.

My shop ID: 782785 (fr_FR)
My account is in the old interface.
And the page where the SpreadShop is used:!/


I have the same issue, have deleted many items to see if that was the cause of updates not going through, but all the deleted items are still in the webshop and all the new ones remain to be seen.

Will see in a few days if things are sorted. Cheers!

Yes, unfortunately the maintenance work is not done yet and these glitches will go on for a bit longer. Thank you all for your patience!

Hope you can still enjoy your Friday though :slight_smile: