Sharing products to Twitter

I’ve built up a following on Twitter and was attempting to automate some of the process of posting products to twitter using the products RSS feed. While I’ve achieved this just fine using other RSS feeds it completely fails to work using the Spreadshirt RSS feed.

My question is simply has anyone used twitter to promote their designs in an atuomated way and if so could they share the secret?

Many thanks

What exactly are you trying to achieve?
Please note that the Product RSS feed is not a ‘news feed’ in the traditional sense. It is meant to be used to transfer the complete inventory of your shop to 3rd party providers in order to generate ads (Google Product Ads, Facebook, Instagram).

Hi Sebastian and thanks for the reply.

What I’m trying to achieve is to auto tweet random products from my inventory daily. I didn’t realise the feed was limited to the usage you’ve outlined which probably explains the issues I’m having. Even trying to modify and standardise the feed (hosting the modified file myself) was not working.

Thanks again for your input.