Share your thoughts about our little planet!

We think that the images manufactured are an alternative to the handled real images. This is why all our creations tell you a history. Today also, we have a message to make pass: if the planet belongs to all of us, it became too little to be subjected to the wills of each one.

Political, economic and environmental problems blacken the table of our little planet. We live of full the modifications of the course of our life. Of what are we afraid? What do we try to avoid? Which wishes control our actions? More and more, we have the feeling to have to express us on these subjects.

“I am aware of my little planet”

TIZIKA invites you to take part in it:

By your points of view, your observations or your criticisms. With words, poems, images, joinings, cuttings, impressions, photomontages, posters, drawings, engravings, music, etc

We wish to publish them on the site, in the shape of a page which will grow rich with the wire by time.

List questions which you could answer:

  • Of what are we afraid?
  • What do we try to avoid?
  • What do we wait?
  • In what do believe we?
  • With which make us confidence?
  • What dominates us?
  • Against what should us fight?
  • What do we like?
  • Won’t we miss what?
  • Which wishes control our actions?
  • What can we tolerate?
  • What can’t we offer?
  • What does one hate?
  • What connects to us with the others?
  • To which devote us our time?
  • What does one wait?
  • Of what do take we the responsability?
  • What did we forget?

Everyone can take part!

Initially, we wish to restore the agora like speech for all spaces. This is why Tizika decided not to impose any constraint!

You are free to work in a square, rectangular or round format. You can write in any language, to use as well the color as the black and white. No need to know to draw or tell stories. Everyone is free to express. This agora is opened with tou.te.s, from 4 to 144 years!

It is not a contest where one gains, the other loses. We refuse any logic of partial interests. It is a call to thoughts, with an exchange of creations where each one can be expressed, with medium of its choice: the drawing, painting, writing, photography or music, about our “small planet”.

We will publish ALL that we will receive on a new page entitled “Agora” :slight_smile:

Tizika is looking forward to your participation !!!

Note: This creative exchange project is based on an initiative of the Design Institute 2ID in Leipzig entitled “106 Gedanken zu meinem kleinen Planeten” (2003).