Selling my domain, shop and designs

Hi, I’ve not posted on here for a long time! I set up a T shirt shop back in 2006, had runs of t shirts printed, was actually doing well but wasn’t going to be enough to pay the bills so I got a job and the shop took a back seat. I switched to Spreadshirt so i could increase the number of designs and not have to do the actual printing, shipping etc. Never really got it going successfully despite a new domain name and redesigning the site to work with Google well enough on an integrated wordpress site.

To cut it short I’m calling it a day to focus on other stuff, I’m going to sell the domain (and I’ll throw in which was the original site which was registered in 2005 and redirects). has a history from 2013 after I 301 redirected the old site.
I thought I’d rather ask on here to see if there is any interest before putting it on domain sale websites.

And as you are all nice people here you can have any of my designs.

if anyone is interested in the domain get in touch :slight_smile: