Selling a t shirt with design not yet validated

Hi Folks!

I was wondering how does it work when you put on your shop a design that has not yet been validated by spreadshirt and someone buy it before it’s been validated? Will the customer get the shirt anyway or no? Cause i find that spreadshirt take lot of time validating my last design (more than a week) and i wanted to put it on sale as fast as possible.

So, can i sell my new design on my shop as soon as i added it? Cause they appear in my shop with the selected price and seems to be purchasable…

Thanks for your help!

If there is nothing violating the rights or ethics and would have been validated, the customer will get the item. If spreadshirt can’t sell the item for some reason, the customer will receive an email with regrets and probably the recommendation to pick another design … and you’ll receive a removal notice from review.

Spreadshirt is a business and want’s to keep customers happy, so any order will be shipped as soon as possible.

Hello YASH2, thanks a lot for your quick reply, that’s good to know!

So i can sell my design now, i don’t feel it will not be validated :wink:

The validation you are talking about sounds like the verification process for the marketplace. Generally, there are very few issues for the shop. If you’ve managed to publish the design on your shop - there should be no issue :slight_smile:

Thank you Sara for your answer :wink:

Another question: how long does it take for a sold t shirt to appear in the sold items screen?

In the old admin almost instantly, at the very least with the account updates the next morning approx. 6 o’clock a.m.