Select garment colours

How do I restrict what garment colours are available for my designs?

For instance, if my design is in white it will not print well on a white garment so I don’t want to offer that design printed on white garments.

Thank you

This is a feature we are currently working on, but at the moment you can’t restrict the colours :frowning: It kinda sucks, we know.

You can set the default colours of your items, though.

Thank you Sara, I shall try to be patient. :slight_smile:

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The only way is to hide the choice of colors with custom CSS, but you have to do this at the product level (detail page). I think we can use the value of the HREF parameter, which contains the product code. But it can be long and tedious if you have many designs and products.

a#sprd-appearance-list__appearance-1[href*="A115509062"] {display: none !important;}

Hides white garment for the product “A115509062” on the detail page.

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Is there a css to completely hide color choises?

You could check if this blog article is helpful:

Quick update from our side: