Rejected & In Review Designs

Hi, I just started uploading my designs in my Spreadshop. I haven’t activated or publicized my shop yet cause I wanted to get my designs in there before going live.

Anyway, a design that was Rejected according to the info the reasons were undefined. And I got another that was still In Review.

Here’s their ID Nos.


Actually this was the 2nd attempt I tried to upload this design. But for some reason I still got a Rejected and In Review status. I’m not sure why because I uploaded a black version of the design and it was published ok. Can I get some help on this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey @User_NA-4ab1925c,
thanks for reporting! The case of review time for new designs has been discussed in this thread.
Currently it takes a few days for new designs to get approved - be assured that my colleagues work very hard to get them through as fast as possible. In the mean time - please be a little patient. :innocent:

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Spreadshirt is a joke. Always rejecting designs, takes ages to review. It’s a wonder the platform still exists. I’m totally switching to a different place.

I just created an account and all my designs get rejected! I create all my designs and are original and also have been created in front of my students showing them that they can sell their designs on sites like these, but only site I can show them is Threadless, but I wanted to show them another site like this one, but I can’t.

Hi @User_NA-39e86f08 We cannot discuss questions about reasons for refusal in the forum.

Please send an email to

You are welcome to send your spread id and design id.

Thank you very much!