Rejected & In Review Designs

Hi, I just started uploading my designs in my Spreadshop. I haven’t activated or publicized my shop yet cause I wanted to get my designs in there before going live.

Anyway, a design that was Rejected according to the info the reasons were undefined. And I got another that was still In Review.

Here’s their ID Nos.


Actually this was the 2nd attempt I tried to upload this design. But for some reason I still got a Rejected and In Review status. I’m not sure why because I uploaded a black version of the design and it was published ok. Can I get some help on this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey @User_NA-4ab1925c,
thanks for reporting! The case of review time for new designs has been discussed in this thread.
Currently it takes a few days for new designs to get approved - be assured that my colleagues work very hard to get them through as fast as possible. In the mean time - please be a little patient. :innocent:

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