Rejected design

One of my designs (ID: 146998899) was rejected, and in the reason says:

Derechos no aclarados

Something like Rights not clear in English.
I’m the full owner of that design, and I have the original Poser and Photoshop files to prove it, so I would like to know in what Spreadshirt bases it criteria to believe that it is not my design, specially after I have uploaded 5 previous designs that obviously have almost the same design concept and techniques applied. You only have to see them to realize that all of them come from the same artist, me.

So please, can you tell me what do I have to do to have my design approved??

By the way, I have exactly the same design uploaded to my US Spreadshirt store already approved:!/shotokan+warrior?q=I1016182437

Isn’t that enough for you to realize that I’m the true owner of the design?

Hi @Leo_Panzardo
If you write an e-mail to you’ll be able to receive the full reasons for that decision and you can also send proof that you are the owner of this design. Our team will be happy to help.

Thank you @Lena_Spreadshirt, I have already sent an email to the legal department.
I really hope they approve it, because is kind of annoying to have your own designs rejected specially when you are just starting up with your store.


For sure! That’s definitely not intended :smiley:

Was it sorted out for you?

Yes @Sara, thank you!! This is sorted out now :+1:

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