Products stay “In review” forever …

Hi, I have a really annoying issue…

i tried many times to upload my designs on the shop, it works, but after I do that and even before make the shop online, the products says “in review” and stays like that forever… someone can give me any information why this happens!?
Thank you

Yes, I noticed that too.

I have uploaded a simple design on October 12, and today (November 14) is still under review. I’ve never seen a delay like this. And it’s not in the marketplace, but just in my Spreadshop. How can I sell new designs if they’re not approved for weeks?

I understand Spreadshirt’s team has been very busy with the feed issues, but let’s not neglect the most basic service here, please.

I hope this can be solved soon.

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Hey you two,
thanks for reporting. Usually the review process is a quick one. Especially during Christmas it sometimes takes a bit. But almost a month is very unusual @Wages_of_sin! Could you give me a design ID, so I can check?

Hello, it was finally approved two days ago, after I sent an e-mail some days before. It was my last design, “Corriere - Porto tutto, tranne pazienza”.

Could you still give me the design ID?

@Britta_Spreadshop can you please review our case? same issue here. design ID: 1047453334

Hi @User_NA-37fbb984,
I don’t see this design being in review. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. Please help!

@Britta_Spreadshop I am waiting on two designs in review. Can you help with the status of these?

Same problem here. My design that’s in review has no design number, so I can only provide the URL showing in my browser. Spreadshirt