Products stay “In review” forever …

Hi, I have a really annoying issue…

i tried many times to upload my designs on the shop, it works, but after I do that and even before make the shop online, the products says “in review” and stays like that forever… someone can give me any information why this happens!?
Thank you

Yes, I noticed that too.

I have uploaded a simple design on October 12, and today (November 14) is still under review. I’ve never seen a delay like this. And it’s not in the marketplace, but just in my Spreadshop. How can I sell new designs if they’re not approved for weeks?

I understand Spreadshirt’s team has been very busy with the feed issues, but let’s not neglect the most basic service here, please.

I hope this can be solved soon.

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Hey you two,
thanks for reporting. Usually the review process is a quick one. Especially during Christmas it sometimes takes a bit. But almost a month is very unusual @Wages_of_sin! Could you give me a design ID, so I can check?

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Hello, it was finally approved two days ago, after I sent an e-mail some days before. It was my last design, “Corriere - Porto tutto, tranne pazienza”.

Could you still give me the design ID?

@Britta_Spreadshop can you please review our case? same issue here. design ID: 1047453334

Hi @User_NA-37fbb984,
I don’t see this design being in review. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. Please help!

@Britta_Spreadshop I am waiting on two designs in review. Can you help with the status of these?

Same problem here. My design that’s in review has no design number, so I can only provide the URL showing in my browser. Spreadshirt

How long are items typically in review? Only one of my designs has been in review since yesterday but it’s my favorite one so I’m eager to see it go live in my store.

Hi Britta,
we have the same problem with the design ID: 323718985 since 06/23/2023. It would be nice if you could release it. :blush:

Hallo @Bauernhofurlaub :slightly_smiling_face:

Bitte wende Dich per mail direkt an die zuständige Abteilung

I have the same problem as my products have been in review for over 10 days. My shop is 1226954. Can you let me know what the hold-up is?