Product Suggestion: Double-sided Templates

It is aggravating that you don’t have a double-sided templates. When you have dozens of double-sided design and you have to matchup each and every product for each design so you have the same number and types of products for all your designs. You’re not talking about artistic burnout; you’re needing to getup and walk away for a while before you kill somebody. I have both light and dark designs and even though I only have 35 products for a dark designs and 40 products for light designs I have got to go through each and every product and select color and adjust the design placement. I can barely handle doing more than a couple designs a day, if that.

When you have to match the kinds of products of other already published design. Then you have to select the color on each and every product and we haven’t even gotten to adjusting the design placement on both sides of each product. Having a double-sided template that only needs a few minor adjustments is better than having no template at all.

You would actually make more money if you had double-sided templates. The difficulty in doing double-sided products precludes using all available products because you have to do each and every product separately. No one wants to do 50 products individually for one design.

The difference between not having a double-sided template and having a double-sided template is the difference between selling 10 products and selling every product you have that can handle double-sided printing for each and every design.