Problem Printing on Sleeves

Hey there,
Ive been trying to set up my shop and trying to print on front, back, and on the side. I am using vector files. All 3 files are vector. They will work on 2 vector files, like front and back, or front and side arm. I can even drag and drop them to other sides. But to create all three messes up. If someone can please help, please let me know! Ive attached images of my issue

I have Issues with this too. I would like to have designs on hoodies, front, back and both sides on the hood. With 2 designs i can put it on front or back and on the hood when i choose 3 or 4 designs i cant choose hoodies, only some t-shirts. Tryed with vector and png

Update, when I use only text vector designs it seems to work. Can it be something with design size?

On some hoodies there are 6 printing areas but you can only add 4 designs. Can anyone spread any light on this?

We discussed this topic in this thread. I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Britta - the link you provided doesn’t exist. Please give us the correct link. Thanks Try this link :slight_smile: