Organize products into "folders" and sell only specific colors

Hi, I have three two quick questions:

  1. Is it possibile to organize the list of artworks into “folders”? Example: Root structure: “nature” > 3 different artworks > products

  2. Is it possible to limit the colors of the product on the shop? Example: If I design a black artwork, I don’t want to give the possibily to buy a black tshirt. I know that I should have faith in mankind, but still.

  3. Is it possible to update the artwork instead of removing the whole line of products, and redo everything?

Ok, question nr.2 was dumb and I got an answer just browsing the forum


Sometimes these threads slip through… Well, this is from January… not sure how relevant anymore. But I LOVE your designs!!!

Themes & categories are in our backlog for the partner area & for updating the artwork - you’ll have to upload a new version.

Seriously though, great designs. I hope you come back to the forum :slight_smile: