No fullbleed on iPhone 6 cases?

What has happened to the iPhone 6 cases? They used to have fullbleed printing all over the case, but now the image only cover parts of the case. And the image isn’t even centered, but is placed too far to the right. This looks terrible!

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:smiley: whaaaa okay I’ll have to investigate this

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Still :face_vomiting: !

Will this be fixed anytime soon? Or am I better off deleting all iPhone 6 cases?

What’s the design id?

It’s all designs on iPhone 6 cases. They were fullbleed before and suddenly they looked like this. I have the same designs on iPhone 7 cases and they are still fullbleed.

Never mind. I can’t have products looking like that in my shop, so I deleted all iPhone 6 cases.

Thanks for nothing! :-1:

It’s probably the best thing to do for now. It’s definitely a bug, I’m trying to get it fixed though.

Generally though, I apologise that I haven’t been able to help you out quicker, but I do my best to help everyone out here :frowning: However if you are in a hurry and I can’t solve the problem for you quick enough, you’re always welcome to get in touch with our partner customer service:

I’ll keep you updated when I hear something back about this.

I’ve gotten some feedback yesterday that a fix is on it’s way :v: Should be released latest tomorrow.