Mug Designs

Am I missing something or is there no way to print the design on the left and right (what I would call front and back) of a mug?

I’ve used a few different POD systems and every one of them allows back and front printing on mugs - any help appreciated.

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Currently the panorama Mug isn’t part of our product range since we have issues with displaying this Mug in our Shops correctly. We are working on a solution an hope to offer this mug soon again :slight_smile:

Thanks Lena. With the other systems I simply upload one image that has my slogan on the left and right sides and a gap in the middle for the front of the mug. That then means it gets printed on both sides. Your system however doesn’t seem to allow that and it needs seperate images to do the left and right sides. I really wanted to move all my stores to Spreadshirt but as mugs are a huge part of my stock I can’t do that as I want the image on both sides of the mug not just one. If that ever changes for your entire mug range please let me know. I’ve attached the image how I would normally use it to show you what I mean.

Yes, I understand what you are trying to do and this would only be possible with the Panorama Mug… I’ve forwarded your issue and will let you know once I hear about more info about a possible release date :slight_smile:

Has this issue been fixed? I have the same question… How do I place my design in both the left and right position on a mug?