Meta Business Manager "Unexpected Error"

Hi! I have been trying to connect my shop with facebook for 2 days now without any luck. I have googled to see if anyone has a solution to this but I can’t find anything. I just keep getting “Unexpected Error” when I click Connect Business Manager under the Marketing, Facebook & Instagram menu.

  1. If I am already logged in on facebook as myself I get “Unexpected Error”.
  2. If I am logged in as admin on my fb page I will get the pop up window telling me to log in as myself on facebook. Once I click continue I get “Unexpected Error”. If I check my facebook my inlogging has changed to myself.
  3. If I try the same prosess but without being logged in to facebook first, the same things just happens.

I have used both Microsoft Edge and also Google Chrome. Same resault on both.

Any suggestions?

Was this the first time connecting the store or did it stop working from a previous connection?

Unfortunately, the button is not working at the moment because Facebook has changed something.

Here is an alternative for connecting the shop to Facebook.

Start in the Business / Commerce Manager instead of the Shop Admin.

  1. Open a business account on the Meta Business Suite.
  2. Create a catalogue
  3. Copy the product feed URL from Shop Admin > Marketing > Facebook & Instagram (click on “Advanced”)
  4. In Meta Business > Click on “Add item” or go to “Data sources”.
  5. Follow the steps to upload a feed file, select “Upload from URL” and set the default currency accordingly.
  6. Paste the product feed URL from your shop.
  7. Upload and process the feed
  8. Then go to the menu item “Shops” and follow the instructions
    (Tip: Meta asks where the check-out takes place. Our shop owners have to select “Checkout on other website”, which means a different website than Meta).

After that, the connection should have been established.