Maintaining "original" not "optimised" version?

So, the first time I ran a test to learn the Spreadshop design process, I’d uploaded a design file that happenstantially was about the same size as the printable area of a shirt. The process included an “action required” after upload: to choose either an “optimised” version with all the blank transparency space removed, or the “original” version with all the blank transparency space.

But, later, when I ran another test using a design file with much less blank transparency space, I did not get an “action required” process, and was forced to just use an “optimised” version.

Is there any way to force an “action required” process, so I can choose the “original” version?

(Long story shortish: I’ve a series of text-only designs where I can only guarantee that each design is positioned the same as every other in the series if I use design files with exactly the same dimensions, with each design appropriately positioned within those dimensions. There’s no way to accurately place “optimised” versions so that each design is sized and positioned consistently.)


ETA: Both files in the above were PNGs.

Bummer - you never received a response… Poor moderation on SpreadShop’s part

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