Joomla plugin customer unfriendly


Do you still have a plugin team at Spreadshirt? (Rodolfo)

I have a request for the plugin. I really would like that my customers have the option to change language in the footer. We have talked about this before and I know that this problem is not a priority for you, but it’s really not customerfriendly. It’s not only for the shop itself, but also for the links in the footer. If a customer clicks on the HELP link, they will be re-directed to the Spreadshirt helppage in the language set by shopowner. They can NOT change language in the footer and they can’t change it on the helppage they land on. (check link)

Another problem is the payment option showed in the footer. If I go shopping, I always look (as a dutch guy) if that shop has the option to pay with iDeal. If not, I leave immediatelly. Now my shop is set to UK language, so all payment options that are shown, are for customers from UK. If I set the shop to dutch language, other nationalities… well… I guess you get my point.

Therefor I really think that we should offer that in the footer already, because customers will walk away! So hopefully you can give it more priority as it is not an esthetic issue.

Besides that, I would like to see this option in the menu/header next to the shoppingcart/search… as it it very invisible in the header. Preferbly with flags.

Kind regards, Arie from

I’ll try to fish for some information and let you know! Probably beginning of the next week though…

Alright, I got a little something but I’m afraid it’s not really the answers you’re looking for! Sorry in advance!

The Plugin in question is currently not developed anymore, it’s only maintained. So new features will not be added :frowning:
I’ll see if I can get anything else next week, but that’s the information I got for now.

And to your last point: the language option in the header is in the scope of a whole another project, but it’s in the backlog of our developers. It’s quite often requested.

That is indeed a very dissapointing answer. I respect that you have priorities and understand that the team is not big. However, I do not understand that you offer a product (Spreadshop plugin) which is not working optimal/properly!

At this time you are working on options which are very important and with high priority, like giving shopowners the possibillity to narrow down the productrange and colorrange. I am very happy with that, because it gives the shopowner their own identity. Selling products on their own domain is also a part of identity, therefor you are giving the Joomla plugin way too little priority. When it’s not developed anymore, you are forcing shopowners to re-direct (Url-forwarding) their domain back to the spreadshirt extension domain, because that’s the only way to have a shop working properly. I am sorry guys… I know you are working very hard with a few hands only. But this is not acceptable!

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I’ll make sure to forward your feedback - the main responsible people seem to not be in the office this week so for deep-diving for answers might take some additional days.

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Hahaha, “some additional days” for sure! Sorry to leave this hanging but sometimes information travels slow…

The future of the plugins is currently actually “open” and we are discussing the future strategy and plan for them. I’ll let you know once I have more information in the coming weeks.

As said, I’ve transferred the feedback to the decision makers - so at least they know :wink: