Introducing myself

Hey guys,

I am new to this, so be nice!! I have my own spreadshop set up and just thought that I would sign up to this forum (tbh, I didn’t know that this was available (yup, I’m that new)) to see if I can learn more. At the moment, I have my spreadshop only on YouTube, and hopefully, later, I will be able to put it onto my website (which needs improving, I know, but it’s going to be revamped soon).

I am from the UK if anyone is interested, so if you reply to this, can you put your reply into English, or I’ll have to use, and we all know that isn’t top-notch translation tool (or at least it’s better than it was, but it’s still needs improving)!!

Below is the cover of my book that I wrote, and my YouTube channel (and website) accompanies it.

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