Integrating spreadshop to website

Hi there,

I recently bought a domain name for building a new website.
I created one and made it completly as i want with website builder, because i can’t work with wordpress.

Now, i used the embedded code from my spreadshop, and pasted it in my website.
Everything works fine, i can click on the shirts and stuff, but i cant add to cart, click on the cookies message and stuff like that, so i cant buy the clothes.

Anyone knows how to fix this problem?


Can you provide a link here?

I really want to get things going :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin,

As @Thomas_Spreadshop said, we’d really like to help you, but if you won’t provide a link, we can’t check. In most cases it’s a javascript error before the Spreadshop which prevents from loading, but to be sure and to solve your problem, we must have a look at it.