I Think I've Died and Gone to Heaven!

OK. I’ll admit that I’ve had my fair share of headbutting walls in frustration with Spreadshirt over the years but I may be about to break the habit of a lifetime and pay you guys a compliment today.

I have just discovered the “Save Template” and “Apply Template” functions in the product designer and I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. I don’t know how long that feature has been there. Like I say, I only just noticed it today. But in one fell swoop it has addressed the biggest pain point I have with every single uploader/designer on every POD site I use [and I upload to about half a dozen similar sites]:

Namely, the fact that I almost always produce my designs in collections or sets, where I’ll produce a series of artworks based on a theme. It used to drive me insane that none of the product designers on any of the sites I use seemed to take account of the fact that someone might actually design collections of related artworks in this way.

So I’d produce a series of say 15 designs and then have to painstakingly; upload, scale, position, choose colours, choose products… etc. for each one and then do it all over again 15 times, depending on how many designs were in the series.

So, you can imagine my joy when I discovered the Save/Apply Template function today. It’s exactly what I’ve been crying out for for years now. So, credit where it’s due Spreadshirt. You have just made my day!

[Now let’s hope all the other POD sites take notice and implement something similar]

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I’ll pass that on to our devs.

The template function is so cool - it’s a rather new feature, it was released some weeks ago:

So glad to hear you like it :slight_smile: