How is it going with the new feature to select colors and products?

I´ve been told that you are developing a feature for our webbshops so that we can choose which exact products we want to use in the product categories and in wich colors we want them to be. When will that feature be released?

I´m so looking forward to this! It will be so great!

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It’s actually going great!!! A prototype has been built and we’ve conducted user tests. The release is planned to happen before the end of the quarter - so within the next month.

Now, I can’t promise that no holdups happen :sweat_smile: I’ve made that mistake before. But at this time, it’s looking good and we are right on schedule :slight_smile:

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That sounds great! Thank you for your quick respons! :grinning:


Happy to help :slight_smile: And don’t hesitate to post your technical shop questions in our Q&A-thread - this is a very special opportunity! It goes on until 18:00 so you have some time to think about your questions :wink:

:exclamation: !!! Update!!! :exclamation:

We’re a little behind schedule with the feature for single product creation. This is because we want to support as many relevant edge cases as possible. Release is planned for CW 28/29 - so in the next couple of weeks.

I’m sorry for the hold up but not too sorry as the final touches for such products is very important.

Also to clarify: complete colour restriction is not yet in the scope of this feature, but it’s something we’ll introduce during Q3.

So overall, lots to look forward to for our partners - stay tuned :slight_smile:

Have a nice holiday Sara. Hopefully you have good news when you get back since we’re half way Q3! :wink:

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Hey, I mean the new product creation has been released:

Have you not seen it? We sent a fancy email campaign and everything.

For the colour related releases, they are coming, they are coming… you’ll get an email about the releases as usual :slight_smile:

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This is a very happy day, seeing that the new feature of selecting colors is working! A very big thank you to Spreadshirt! That’s 2 out of the big 3… product range, color range and hopefully soon… PRINT RANGE!!!

Your team was obviously working very hard to get this color range done… so now that it has finished, they must have a lot of spare time! hahaha I bet they are glad that they can work on the print range option. :rofl::yum:


I’ll pass the word on :wink:

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