How do get my desigsn visible on the US market?

I make all my designs accessible on both Market and my shop. When I access my designs are available on that - Danish - domain. But if I access, none of my designs can be found. So it seems that, somehow “Market” is not global (as I thought it was) but perhaps follow domain names?
How do I make my designs available on the US market?

Hi @FrameMaker To sell in Europe and in the US all you need to do is to register on both domains: and

Once you set up the Spreadshops and fill it with products you can link your .com and .net Shop by clicking on your Shop → Advanced → Language & currency and activating the all languages option and inserting the other Shop’s ID into the appropriate field.

You’ll have to reupload your designs and set up the account, since it’s not possible to transfer data between accounts.