How can I suppress the open your own shop & create your own thing in my embedded shop?

I’m using wordpress and I’ve embedded a shop. Is there a way I can suppress 2 parts of the page?
1 - the open your own shop at the very bottom
2 - the create your own thing section under the trusted section

I am using the shortcode - I couldn’t get the slug page integration to work.

Hi, you can go to your Shop Settings under “Advanced > HTML & CSS” and paste this in the CSS editor:

#buttonSpreadshirt {
display: none

On this page you’re also able to add some custom HTML to your Shop’s footer section. By adding some styling you can create your own banner there.

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Thank you that worked for the start your own shop link at the bottom. How do I get rid of the whole section that says ‘Create your own thing’?

This is the other section I’d like to suppress

nevermind i figured that 2nd part out out - thank you!!!