How can I suppress the open your own shop & create your own thing in my embedded shop?

I’m using wordpress and I’ve embedded a shop. Is there a way I can suppress 2 parts of the page?
1 - the open your own shop at the very bottom
2 - the create your own thing section under the trusted section

I am using the shortcode - I couldn’t get the slug page integration to work.

Hi, you can go to your Shop Settings under “Advanced > HTML & CSS” and paste this in the CSS editor:

#buttonSpreadshirt {
display: none

On this page you’re also able to add some custom HTML to your Shop’s footer section. By adding some styling you can create your own banner there.


Thank you that worked for the start your own shop link at the bottom. How do I get rid of the whole section that says ‘Create your own thing’?

This is the other section I’d like to suppress

nevermind i figured that 2nd part out out - thank you!!!

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