How can i hide "Back to Shop" link on the checkout page?

Is there a way to hide “Back to Shop” link on the checkout page. I want the customer to use the back button when they want to get back to the store.

I tried accessing the checkout parent html element from the checkout header and footer section using javascript but could not make that work most probably because the header,footer iframes and the parent checkout are on different subdomains.

I really think i am missing a really simple hack.


Its not possible! Furthermore its the only SHOWN way for your Visitors to get back to the Shop.

Greets David

I am embedding spreadshirt shops from all countries on country specific pages on my website. Eg: uk store in mydomain/uk/, irish store in mydomain/ie/

On the checkout page, if the customer hits “Back to Shop” he/she’s taken to rather than That creates confusion as the customer won’t find his cart if he is sent to the wrong page.

Of course i can achieve desired behaviour by connecting spreadshop to my domain. However if i connect my shop to spreadshirt from embed shop in shop settings, hitting the back to shop button will take them to the right page but i miss out on selling in other countries from my website.

If i am able to hide the back to shop link, customers can just hit back and go back to the proper page. Like someone from uk can go back to mydomain/uk/ and they will find their cart there and someone from ireland can go back to mydomain/ie/ and can find their cart their. If this button can be hid using css or whatever, i can sell in all countries, otherwise i am limited to just 1.

There must be some way to do it!

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I just visited your store and I am blown away! How on earth did you achieve to make something so customized. I am interested to know.


Yes, know what you mean, understand your problem, but i don’t think there is a solution. I also want another link url for this link, because it leads only to the start page or whatever you put in the shop settings. I think the best way would be a history.back-Link instead.

Greets David

Thanks a lot Chirayu :slight_smile:

In few words: A lot of work! Try a wordpress website and install the wp-spreadplugin, its brilliant, free and very easy to use. So you can create your own shop it in the same style like mine.

Greets David