Help with wordpress plugin

I need some help because the instructions aren’t totally clear, and the outcome doesn’t do what is expected - e…g give a shop on the website

so, i installed the wordpress plugin

put my shop id and country code/language

copied the shop page to plugin

no shop appears on the website, blank page. I presume this is generated on the fly because the page has a logo (i put there) and it doesn’t show

the instructions mention html code as well… is this AND the plugin OR the plugin?

I’ve removed the page link because it removed the shop from showing with the url

shop id 100221549 (shop/merchandise)



Hi Andy, sorry that the forum seems not to be of much help with this :frowning:

Unfortunately the support we provide for intergration is rather limited. I can see if I can manage to find something, or you could try contacting our customer service: