Gift card or Gift certificate or Promo code

I would like to be able to offer gift certificates to my clients to purchase as a retail item. Gift certificates would function much like a digital amazon e-gift card.

The client purchases a gift certificate for a specified amount, and designates a recipient for the sum of the gift certificate. Recipient’s email address would be authorized for a $25 credit in your store ($25 for example not limitation). Clients can purchase gift certificates up to $250.

Much like we give Old Navy, Guess, and American Eagle gift cards to our kids for the holidays:
(1) We know that is an exclusive store they like;
(2) We don’t know what item they’d specifically appreciate most;
(3) We don’t want to make that decision for them - we want them to choose their favorite item(s) from the brand;

Therefore, we give them funds to spend, designated for that specific brand/store.

I do a lot of charitable work in my community. I’d like to give away gift certificates for auctions, charitable giving, sponsorship, or other marketing opportunities for my design services.

When will such digital product be available for my store?


This Feature is not avilable now. Spreadshirt has it on their “Wishlist” but it is not on the roadmap for the next 6 months unfortunately, but you are not the only one asking for such a feature.
I hope with the amount of people asking for this that it gets some priority and will be implemented.

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Yes, this would be a useful feature.


Well I was just searching for the same thing. it would be awesome! is there any update about it?

It’s still being worked on @User_NA-4f9ba378… We know how much you all would love this feature. And we are working on it. There are just some obstacles to overcome that we didn’t see coming :smiley: Please be a little more patient. :sweat:

Is there any news about the Gift card feature? It would be very useful in my business as well.

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Not yet, sorry @User_EU-a9a5f0ed - as I wrote above: we are working on it, I just can’t say when it’s done. But of course I’ll keep you posted!

But spreadshirt offers e-gift vouchers- couldn’t the store buy one and offer the code to a customer?

I really want like accounts and you cna make one for yourself and you can buy 5 of your things free