Get in the Holiday Spirit with our Bestsellers

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For a Festival of Fluffiness

Watch out! With our premium hoodies, it’s about to get cozy. These day-ones in our range will delight your customers with an abundance of fleece. From sizes X-Small to 5XL, there is something for the whole family. Putting this top seller in your Shop is a no-brainer.

Turn them into ugly Holiday sweaters, complete with text and wintery designs, or simply just use your brand logo. These hoodies pretty much sell themselves. The thick and fluffy fabric makes them the ideal companion for those frostier days!

Making Gifting Personal

Even though the days are getting shorter and chillier, there’s still a lot to look forward to. Our two-tone ceramic cups are the ideal vessel for those soul-warming hot drinks. We suggest filling them with Glühwein, but Spreadshop was founded in Germany, so we’re biased.

For the Holiday season, you cannot go wrong with a red and white color combo. But you can also leave this choice to your customers and allow them to personalize it. With creative holiday designs, and a personal touch, it’s sure to be a big seller.

For the Messy Part

Baking and crafting. Both extremely fun, both extremely messy. For any flying bits of dough or paint you don’t fancy eating, our aprons are happy to mop up. Robust and resistant, they protect against the most minor and major of mishaps.

What we love about aprons is that they look good on people of all ages and sizes. No excuses, the Holidays are a time for baking in all its delicious, gooey glory. The messier the better!

Safari Trip. Wait, what?

Sadly we cannot whisk you off to sunnier shores. What we can offer are the cuddliest tigers and bears, though. They’re tired of running around all day, so give them a little breathing space in your Shop.

Their little T-shirts can even be personalized! These plushie fellows have proven themselves to be the ultimate fluffy companion, destined for a bedroom near you.

Curling up on the Couch

Another big hit in our Holiday range is the noble customized pillow cover. By putting these in your Shop, you’ll have customers dreaming of cozying up on the couch. For those times when resting after the feast has reached the point of no return. Appreciate these personalized designs, but try not to nod off…

There are 7 colors to choose from. Holiday burgundy and fir green? Or a contrasting eye-catcher in black or white? Decorated with your designs, they are the ideal gift idea for your Shop.

Stock your Shop with our timeless Holiday designs and let us know in the comments which products are also a winner this time of year!