Front print file format

What file format can be used for hooded jackets on the front? It has been vector file but now it doesn’t seem to work. Everything works until i press done, then the design goes to the back.

No one knows…

Hi, unfortunately the design has too many small details to be printed in Flex. You can find the technical requirements for the Flex print on our helping section:

Yes i understand, but then i think it shouldn’t be accepted when i upload it. And it can be printed on the back but not on the front?

And on t-shirts it can be printed on the front, or does it change the print metod on t-shirts?
We should get better print metods on zipper hoodies

It really depends on the product. On some products we can only use the Flex print for technical reasons. On the back of the products in most cases we can use the Digital Direct Print what is also the default printing technique in the Partner Area.