External Shop URLs have stopped working

My shop is embedded using your Wordpress plugin which seems to use javascript to rewrite urls. Up until recently this permitted deep-linking but this has stopped working - I note that the URL format is now far longer.

The error thrown is shown below.

Many Thanks

Something went wrong, apologies.
Could not load detail page data
We track these errors automatically.
If the problem persists feel free to contact us.

Refresh page
Technical information
Platform: EU
Shop id: 100305415
Shop name: everythingmayo
Host: shop.spreadshirt.ie
Locale: en_IE

Hi! May I ask where you got that URL? Because when I navigate through your Shop manually I don’t get URLs like these.

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Hi Sebastian, all of the data including the URL was generated by the spreadshirt error page when I tried to link directly to a product.

The issue is easy to repeat. If you click around the categories (say Women’s t-shirts) and then browse to Men’s t-shirts you will notice that the URL has not updated correctly - newer parameters have been appended to so that even while browsing a men’s product… you can see “Women’s” in the URL:


This may be by design but eventually you a left with URLs that if copied into a new tab (or shared) will generate an error:

Thanks again for your input